10 Ways to Update Your Online Marketing Efforts

Online marketing is changing at a rapid pace. In fact, almost 80% of people today think marketing has changed drastically more in the past 2 years than in the past 50 years. Think about that for a second.

What does this mean for businesses today? In essence, it’s time to get moving. There’s no room for standing still in today’s online world.

With this in mind, how can current businesses update their marketing efforts? Digital marketing is a constantly evolving organism. Here are real ways to update your online marketing effort today so you can stay relevant tomorrow.

1. Tune up your web design.

First thing’s first, you need a quality online presence. This starts with your web design. While many businesses don’t think about their website as part of their marketing strategy, it most definitely does.

How your website appears affects how your users interact with your content, how long they spend on your page, and your online reputation. Work with an expert to make sure it’s optimized for mobile, and that it’s up to par with today’s design trends.

2. Learn more about SEO.

The thing about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is that it’s always changing. If you can believe it, it’s evolving more rapidly than marketing itself. Stay up to date with the latest trends by using top SEO blogs like Moz and Hubspot as a base camp for finding the latest news. Find the time to educate yourself about the basics of SEO so you can put them to use online.

3. Don’t overlook email marketing.

Despite what some marketers say, email marketing is not dead. In fact, it’s alive and better than ever. However, you need to focus on creating value with your emails. They’re not a way to shamelessly promote your business and new products. They’re a new way to deliver content to loyal customers. Work with an expert to create great marketing campaigns via email.

4. Create a blog.

Blogging is for every type of business. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you don’t need a blog because you’re a local window washing business or an eCommerce retailer. All businesses need a blog today.

Almost 50% of buyers view 3-5 pages of content before they start the sales process. Your blogs build trust with your readers, and they put you in an expert position.

5. Use opt-ins to build your list.

Building your email list used to be a daunting task. With opt-ins, it’s possible to quickly grow your lead list without having to do outreach. Opt-ins and blogs go hand-in-hand, so find something of value to your readers to offer as an incentive for signing up to your email list. Just don’t leave them in the dark after they’ve joined your list.

6. Work with influencers.

Today, influencer marketing is bigger than ever. You might think influencer marketing is nothing more than girls on Instagram hawking tea, but it’s actually a booming area of marketing. The key is to find influencers in your niche, even those with smaller followings.

Consumers today know when someone isn’t being genuine, so make sure your influencers are connected to their audience. The right influencer marketing campaign is a powerful brand awareness tool.

7. Design an affiliate program.

Similar to influencer marketing, affiliate programs help boost awareness. Invite your best customers or relevant influencers to join an affiliate program in which they get a percentage of each sale. Though it doesn’t work for every type of business, this is an inexpensive way to spread the word.

8. Work with a consultant.

If you’re feeling spread too thin by your business and marketing efforts, consider hiring an outside expert or consultant. These pros know their stuff, and they can help ease the load off your shoulders so you can focus on other parts of your business.

9. Use remote workers.

Similarly, don’t limit yourself to help that’s in office. With a free timeclock software trial, it’s easy to work with freelancers and experts from around the globe. The world is a big place, and you never know who might be able to offer assistance to your business. Remote work is on the rise for a reason.

10. Research your audience.

Finally, you should always return to square one when it comes to your marketing. How well do you really know your audience? Have you mapped out their customer journey? These are all essential parts of analyzing your current marketing strategy. If you don’t know who you’re talking to online, odds are nobody is listening.

As you can see, marketing is quite the juggling act today. As a marketer or business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Don’t worry about doing it all. Just do your best at a couple of marketing strategies at once, and build from there. Your business will be all the better for it.

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