4 Reasons to Pay Bills Online

There are many new reasons to accept online payment for your business. A good reason to embrace ACH payments is that they save time for consumers and businesses. One of the concerns that businesses have with accepting online payments is security. Well, times have changed, and for the better. Thanks to improvements in technology and Internet security, accepting ACH payments is safer, faster, and more convenient. In the following paragraphs, we explore some reasons why these changes are a win, win.

Accepting Online Payments Opens Doors

For businesses who want to reach more customers, accepting online payments opens a ton of doors. ACH payments allow businesses to accept payments from credit cards and banks accounts. That means that as you do marketing, you can include payment options and links that help your business’s marketing campaigns convert viewers and prospects into customers quickly and efficiently. That little trick helps reduce the conversion times so that you see bottom line results instantly.

Handy Online Record

ACH payments are easy to download into most accounting programs, and that adds to the time-saving advantage of electronic accounting. With an online record, you can reconcile income statements quickly. This also allows you to work directly with your budget to see cash shortfalls, and track products that are doing well and those that are not. When online payments combine with marketing, the results help you push products in real-time so that you sell more while the market is hot. That works because you can see instantly what is selling and what is not. You can also adjust marketing to help boost sales for products that are lagging. Online payments offer an accessible record of all your payments.  

Online Adds Safety

Companies such as Billpro.com have invested heavily in creating a secure Web experience for all online ACH transactions. Your customers can click “pay” and rest assured that their financial information is safe and secure. Accepting online payments helps to remove personal financial information from your business as that kind of data is tempting to burglars. It also allows customers to pay you quicker, too.  With an online record of each transaction, you no longer need to keep old bills, canceled checks, or payment information on hand. It also makes it easier to dispute accounting errors. Just snap a screenshot and email that pic to solve the dispute. 

Convenience is King

Remember in the “old days” when businesses used a manual sliding credit card machine? What a security risk that was! Now, an electronic transaction takes a nano-second to complete, and the entire process saves electronically. Plus, the direct deposit of funds into your business’s bank account allows you to check balances online. ACH adds a lot of convenience to our lives. It makes buying easier for consumers and businesses. How can ACH transactions help you track payments and cash flow? 

These four examples of how accepting online payments improve the flow of business are just some of the many reasons to embrace online payments and ACH transactions. 

That kind of data is tempting to burglars.

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