5 App Marketing Mistakes

Most app marketer have a tough road ahead of them. There’s no clear way for app developer or app marketers to understand the true volume of app store searches for any specific keyword. App store marketing experts operate with a technological blindfold. They make guesses about the best app marketing strategies and many of these guesses are simply wrong. Here are a few of the top app marketing mistakes that we have found:

Ordered Keywords

Most app marketing managers attempt to optimize their app by using strategies employed by search engine optimization rules. This means focusing on ordered keyword phrases, but this is not the way app store optimization algorithm works. On the other hand, each keyword phrase must be looked at as a combination of separate words on which to focus. For instance, instead of focusing on “Best App Marketing Ideas” (Google SEO Search) as a phrase to target, an app marketing strategy must focus on each word in the phrase distinctly as well as all mixtures of those words.

Google Keyword Planner

Most app marketers are gauging keywords based on search volumes on data they find in Google’s Keyword Planner, but app marketing isn’t SEO. This is app store optimization (ASO), and app search volumes have nothing to do with Google and Google search volumes. The app world has nothing to do with the Internet world. Both are quite difficult if not impossible for most developers to gauge volume correctly. So judging information that is found by Google doesn’t represent the same volume found on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Considering Competitors

All keywords and phrases that have been selected to be relevant to an app marketing campaign must be compared with competitor apps. Many app developers and marketers don’t do much of this because it is very time consuming and it’s difficult. The more you learn for your competitor the more you will know.

App Updates

Trending apps tend to change or update every 30-45 days, so keyword phrases and optimization app strategies must also change as frequently. New competitors, new fads come and go, and this all affects your app keywords and phrases. One of the biggest mistakes an app marketer can do is to setup optimization once and then just leave it stagnant for month. Monthly analysis and keyword adjustments are necessary to keep your app at the top of searches.

Optimize Manually

ASO is one of the most complex, difficult, and thus problematic tasks one can undertake manually. The fact is that most developers who attempt such feats simply fall short in their app marketing task. Whether it’s just too much time or too difficult to analyze and implement, some app developer don’t understand what needs to be done. Analyzing competitors, keyword trends, and optimization techniques, then making changes based on analysis and doing this all often is essentially a full time job. Working with an app developing and marketing company like Zapporoo will help insure your app get noticed. Contact Zapporoo for your app development needs.

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