5 Digital Trends Every Business Should Incorporate

Technology has become a focal point for nearly every industry and business. Brand convergence through social media, online marketing, apps, websites and even games is now more important than ever. Clever marketers are leveraging various digital trends to capitalise on emerging opportunities well before they become the norm. Here’s a look at five digital trends your business should be incorporating now.

1. Mobile Support Is Essential

Given the amount of people using smartphones and tablets these days, having a mobile-friendly or mobile-only version of your website is vital. Millions of people already use their mobile phone as their sole means of browsing the internet. If that tells you anything, it should be that the shift in the way we use the internet is already well underway. Speak to a professional design agency like 4040 Creative now and make sure all of your sites are mobile friendly.

2. Analytics Are Now Crucial to Any Marketing Campaign

Moving beyond simply harvesting information from ‘big data’, businesses are now in a better position to perform data mining themselves. The information gleaned from customers, including those who simply browse your website or download your app, can be analysed for greater insight into customer habits. This allows your company to make smarter marketing decisions, plan more relevant marketing campaigns, and improve product development.

3. The Wearables Market Is Just About Ready to Explode

‘Wearables’ has become something of a digital buzzword over the last few years, promising huge returns but frequently offering very little. Samsung have been busily improving on their Gear line for a few years now and, with the release of the Apple Watch, the market is finally primed to reach its potential. Wearable compatibility for all mobile apps is quickly becoming the norm. With software APIs for both Apple and Android devices available, it’s time to start building your wearable app now.

4. Real-Time Ad Targeting Is Dead – Pre-Targeting Is the Way Forward

It turns out one person’s Orwellian nightmare is another’s marketing dream come true. Big data has finally reached the point where, rather than serving ads to customers based on what they’re looking at right now, it’s possible to predict future transactions based on their purchase and browsing histories. Tapping into this resource is a fantastic way to gather more information on what your customers are looking for so you can work to better meet their needs.

5. Everyone Is a Content Generator Now

We live in a digital society that shares almost every facet of their lives on social media. Everyone has a camera and an internet connection in their pocket, ready to broadcast. Businesses are beginning to realise this trend has put them in the rather strange position of playing content curator to their own customer base. The smart businesses have already begun to capitalise on this – look at the way GoPro tweaked their marketing strategy to showcase what anyone from a layperson to a professional can accomplish with their cameras.

These are just a few of the digital trends that every business should be incorporating right now. Savvy leveraging of these concepts will allow any business to cultivate a customer/user base and create significant market growth at the same time. Which trends do you see taking off in the future?

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