5 Tips for Increasing the Conversion Rate of Your Website

Website conversion statistics are essentially the percentage of your site visitors who are completing the actions while visiting your page. While the concept is often associated with leads and sales, it can also relate to things like how many people complete your contact form or subscribe to your newsletter.

Read on to find out how you can make your website really work for you and increase your conversions.

1. Know Your Goals and Targets

You need to know what your objectives are in order to measure their success. Think about what it is you want people to do when they are on your web page, why, and what you’re going to do when they do it. Be realistic – goals should be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) and be supported by the relevant strategies and practices to complete the conversion process.

2. Be Relatable and Trustworthy

Are you speaking the same language as your target audience? Does your website tell your brand story and introduce people to your company’s personality? Building trust is one of the most important things a website can do in order to generate a specific reaction. Often you are not the only one offering your products and services so you need to convey value and instil confidence in what you say you will do or provide.

3. Tell People What You Want Them to Do

Do you have a clear call to action? Failing to ‘ask for the sale’ is sometimes one of the biggest reasons why site traffic doesn’t translate to conversions. Don’t just assume that people will subscribe to your database, make contact with your company or click ‘buy now’ – invite them to do it.

4. Keep It Updated

Websites are not a ‘set and forget’ medium. Unlike traditional media like print that tends to go out of circulation after a specific time, your website is accessible 24/7. Make sure you regularly review your content and keep your information, offers and promotions up to date

5. Have a Functional and Attractive Website

Many people judge a website’s merit on the design alone so make sure yours isn’t letting you down. Your website doesn’t just need to look good it also needs to be easy to navigate and function the way your users expect it to. Engaging a full service agency like 4040 Creative will help you to appraise your current website, help you develop and implement a digital strategy and refresh the overall site look, feel and function.

Your website can be one of your most powerful and valuable assets for building rapport with your potential customers and achieving tangible business goals. If your website isn’t currently working the way you need it to, spending the time into improving your site and supporting your goals with systems and processes to follow through on results may be the best business development activity you can possibly do.

What’s your number on tip for increasing website conversions?

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