5 Ways to Get Your Customers’ Attention

Whether you’re looking to attract new business or encourage loyalty amongst your existing clientele, getting – and maintaining – interest in your product and brand can be challenging in this modern, technological and fast paced world. Below you’ll find five tips that you can implement to help ensure that your marketing and communications initiatives get noticed by your target audience.

1. Know What You Want to Say

This may seem obvious but without clear messaging, your customers are likely to tune out to whatever you’re trying to say. You need to have specific, measurable goals in mind when it comes to planning your promotional activities. ‘Get more business into the shop’ is too vague – make sure you think about what type of business you want to attract, who is the target audience you’re speaking to and why they should do what you’re asking them to.

2. Clearly Communicate What’s In It for Them

This relates strongly to the ‘why’ aspect of planning out your messaging. Customers and clients will take notice when there is a tangible benefit to them. Discounts can be effective but you need to be careful not to devalue your product. Perhaps if you’re trying to attract more database subscribers you could give them something exclusive (for example presale benefits) in exchange for their information.

3. Use The Right Medium

While there is still value in email and social media marketing, nowadays many people use their smartphone as their primary device so make sure you have a mobile marketing strategy as part of your overall communications plan. Providers like SMSGlobal have easy to use, affordable SMS messaging services available that make it easy to start texting your customers and quickly connect and communicate with your database.

4. Show Personality

Think about brands like the Virgin and Google – these corporations are as famous for their character as they are their services. You don’t need to have Richard Branson’s budget to make an impact and let your brand’s personality shine through. There are some urban bars and cafes who have achieved cult status in their own neighbourhood just by placing sassy or creative chalkboards on the pavement outside their shop.

5. Have A Long-term Strategy

You need to be constantly working on building a relationship with your customers and building a qualified audience to market to and communicate with. Loyalty and word of mouth recommendations matter when it comes to business success, so make sure you have a researched, costed and achievable communication strategy as part of your overall marketing and business plan.

Getting your customers’ attention doesn’t have to involve expensive or elaborate advertising campaigns – you just need to have some clear goals, an understanding of your brand personality and target customers and approach your promotional initiatives in a methodical way. The average consumer is exposed to thousands of marketing and promotional messages every single day, so it’s important to make sure that yours really counts.

What is your best tip for cutting through clutter and grabbing your customers’ attention? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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