A Simple Guide To Select Your Led Strip Lights

A Simple Guide To Select Your Led Strip Lights

One of the first decisions people take after purchasing or renovating dream homes or working places is on interior design. No matter what theme is chosen, the lighting of the rooms plays an important role in improving the overall appearance of any interior. Among the trendiest lighting choices today, LED strip lights’ popularity is on the rise. Many interior designers and architects are incorporating them into their commercial, domestic as well as industrial designs. Just for your information, LED strip lights are also known as LED ribbon lights or LED tape lights.

Why are LED Strip Lights so popular?

Apart from the classy look it offers, the ease of installation is the primary factor that has popularised LED strip lights. These have so many color combinations to choose from. Depending on the placement, LED strip lights increase the light concentration of a particular area, thereby adding a touch of class to it. Also, these are more energy-efficient than other lighting options. It is also cost-effective, thereby making it an apt choice even for those with budget constraints.

Factors to consider before buying LED Strip Lights

  • What room are you lighting? 
  • Where within the room are you planning to install the lights?
  • Do you need a remote control to operate the lights?
  • What is the final output you require in the overall appearance?
  • Which color lights do you need?
  • Which objects do you want to emphasize?
  • Do these LED strip lights match with the other lights in the room?

Points to Note

Have a clear idea about the Lumen

Lumen refers to how bright the lights appear to the human eye. You need to know if the brightness matches your requirements. Never buy the lights without checking the Lumen as the room needs to be appropriately lit. For example, you can check out some LED strip lights from Ellumiglow and find reliable information about lumen on their website too. By doing so, you can save yourself a lot of time. Otherwise, you might find the lights either too bright or not bright enough to highlight your space. So save yourself all that trouble by checking out the brightness factor initially. 

Check for CRI and CCT

CCT stands for Correlated Color Temperature.  CCT is an indicator of what the white light will look like. The normal color range varies from cool white(bluish white) to a shade of warm light(which looks like an orange/yellow color). CRI stands for Color Rendering Index, which indicates what the colors look like under the lighting source in the room as compared to what they look like under sunlight. It has a scale of 0 – 100. A rating of 100 shows the object exactly as it would appear under direct sunlight.

Other Pointers

You also have to make a comparison of the strip size and also how many LEDs there are on the selected strip. Another factor is to calculate the wattage that will be consumed by each LED strip. Last but not the least, always approach reliable distributors and quality assured manufacturers for getting the best products.

You need to check out all these above factors to get a clear picture of what your interiors would appear when the lights are switched on. Always check with your designer or architect before installing them. If possible get a live demonstration after selecting each criterion carefully. The lighting will determine the perfect finish to the exquisite interiors of your home/workplace.

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