Apple iPhone 5s is heating up the summer smartphone market

Apple’s iPhone 5s looks set to give a huge selection dilemma to those looking for a new smartphone this summer. T-Mobile are offering the smartphone – which was released on September 20th and November 1st in the United States and Mexico respectively – at a price of just $648, which translates to $27 per month for 24 months.

The price itself is considered to be a steal given previous iPhone contract prices and T-Mobile’s value offer is even more likely to attract customers when you factor in the many exclusive features the iPhone has added and upgraded in recent times – such as the App Store and the ability to use the Facetime feature. Pair these features with the 3G and 4G features – which are paid additives to the iPhone bundles that allow you to browse the web at high speeds – and you have a phone that is sure to attract customers from all over the globe.

Although 4G is considered to be more expensive that it’s predeceasing 3G, the speedy online browsing is also sure to attract customers from the Hispanic market, as a recent study – conducted in February 2014 by Vdopia Inc. – concluded that 60% of Hispanics used their mobile as a primary device to go online with. This lead to a whopping 195% increase in advertising to target Hispanics in 2013. That stunning figure, which almost translates to advertising tripling in value, shows that not only are Hispanics prominent figures when it comes to online mobile browsing, but they are also well regarded by advertisers when it comes to online purchases. This is reflected in the fact that February 2014’s study reveals that 85% of Hispanics have purchased an item online in the six months prior the release of the study results.

A study in January 2014 found that 64% of Hispanics use their phone for music purposes, which is another reason the iPhone 5s is the perfect phone. With the music store, users can find all the latest music and an unprecedented library of music videos, liver performances and bonus features to accompany the music. Users also get the standard issue Apple headphones in the box with the actual 5s device, which provides added reason to get this smartphone this summer.

The iPhone’s 4-inch retina display – which offers a stunning 326pixels per inch is another selling point that is likely to attract users this summer. With more and more videos, images and visuals taken in on mobile devices as the days go by, Apple have realised the need is not so much in the size of the screen, but the resolution quality that the screen offers.

The screen also bodes well in regards to general usage, as it was found that Hispanics spend more time on mobile devices to do the fancy stuff – such as app playing and listening to music – whilst also showing an increased usage rate for basics such as surfing the web and making calls. It was found that Hispanics spend as many as 54 minutes more doing this than non-Hispanics, making them a perfect target market for high speed data allowance, greater resolution qualities and completing their day to day tasks in a quick and efficient manner.

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