The Best Sports Games for the Next-Gen Consoles

When the next-gen consoles were released late last year in a blaze of publicity and hype, much of the focus was on games such as Assassins Creed IV and Call of Duty: Ghosts. It was said that these immersive, role-playing games showed off the Xbox One and PS4’s cutting-edge technology to their fullest, and in many ways that’s correct. But us sports fans were equally impressed with the calibre of the sports games that were launched with the consoles, be it racing titles, American Football classics revisited or the enduring thrills of FIFA.

So, to redress the balance, we’ve decided to run down our top five next-gen sports games so far. Obviously there are stacks of titles coming up to keep you occupied over the summer, with the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil game on its way, but here are the best games to get your hands on right now.


The FIFA franchise just keeps coming back better than ever. The ‘Career’ mode in the 2014 version is particularly impressive, with scouting missions, player moods and chronic dips in your players’ form, all making it ever more realistic. And that’s before we mention the board blocking your transfer moves, freak training injuries and hacking off your players in the dressing room. The re-jigged ‘Seasons’ mode is another innovation which keeps you locked into a long-game relegation / promotion drama, and the gameplay just keeps getting more immersive and physical. Still a classic.

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NBA 2K14

This basketball release certainly gets the blood flowing. The controls really let you feel the speed when you have quick players, helped by their lifelike incarnations and individual speed ratings. Weaving through players with the ball in hand is fantastically thrilling. An absolute joy of a game to play, whether you’re a basketball fan or not.

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Madden NFL 25

American Football really comes to life on the PS4 in Madden NFL, now with added ‘Connected Franchise’ mode, which enables you to take the role of a player, coach or owner, and be involved in all the season’s big decisions, plotting the route forward for your team. The 3D model crowds, incredible stadium-sized sound and witty commentary, all add to the fantastically-realised football action.

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Forza 5 Motorsport

One of the major launch titles for the Xbox One, Forza 5 Motorsport is a lavishly designed racing game, so close to watching racing on television, it’s sometimes difficult to separate reality from the game. With detailed and lush race tracks, you feel compelled to take your eyes off the road, whilst the sheer quality of the graphics in your car collection will have you staring at your shiny equipment rather than racing.

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Kinect Sports Rivals

Hot off the shelves released 11th April in Europe, Kinect Sports Rivals is kind of a big deal for the Xbox One. It’s the first game that genuinely puts the Xbox One through its paces, with the new Kinect sensors coming into their own, as gamers mimic actions performed in real-life to play the sports, which include bowling, jetski racing, rock climbing, football target shooting, and tennis. It promises to be the perfect family game and will definitely keep you pretty active!

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So there’s our run down of our top 5 sports games released for the next-gen consoles so far. It promises to be a busy summer of new sports releases too, so keep your eyes peeled for more thrills and spills.

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