Business Management for Lean Businesses

Business Process Management (BPM) is a quite new concept, but it’s becoming increasingly important for optimization of large-scale operations and is regarded as an essential element to accomplish the business goals more quickly and flawlessly. It is generally said that BPM software allows organizations to become well-organized and efficient.

However, before a lean business can afford fully-featured BPM software by IBM or Oracle they have the choice to set up their systems on the basis of what they might afford and also on what fits best for their improvement schemes.

Meet Comindware Tracker – business process improvement software designed as an alternative to heavy Business Process Management software and provides much cost-effective and easier workflow setup without dedicated IT professionals involved and an intuitive business process management in the MS Outlook-like interface.

Comindware Tracker allows different teams can work with the same data, documents and stay in the same system collaborating within the entire company. In each step of the Process, a personalized Task with due date, priority, description, and the rest, is delivered to the user’s Task inbox were he/ she can collaborate with other team members, read attachments, provide additional information, and so on. After the Task is completed, Comindware Tracker generates the next step Task and assigns it to the appropriate team member. So, team members don’t need to think about the whole Process behind each Task: they just complete their tasks, and Comindware Tracker keeps things moving in the right order at the right time.


Many companies use MS Outlook as a primary work environment and soon meet a lack of professional Task/Process/Project Management capabilities inside it. Comindware Tracker includes Comindware Tasks for Outlook, a tool that brings professional Process and Task Management functionality natively into MS Outlook environment. You’ll enjoy seamless integration of applications such as email, calendar, tasks, attachment, collaboration, and workflow, without the need to switch to the other system.

Comindware Tracker comes with essential, pre-built business apps for the most typical departments: IT Help Desk, Finance and Administration, Marketing, Sales, HR, etc. You can easily address your unique needs by creating your own business apps in minutes using the built-in visual tool with no programming required. All the mentioned options make Comindware Tracker a perfect solution to automate a unique cross-departmental business processes at a reasonable budget and time.

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