Car Tech to Expect in 2020

Autonomous cars? Health monitoring systems? Who knows what 2020 will bring us in terms of technology in the automotive industry.

While attending the recent Consumer Electronics Show and recent automotive shows, there was a lot of insight into where the automotive industry is planning to go with their technical innovations. Here are just a few of the major breakthrough technologies expect to make our jaws drop before 2020.

It all starts and ends with the autonomous vehicle.

We tried to find out from the dealerships in our area, like Chuck Patterson Dodge, to see what information they might be able to share in regards to the future and planned release for autonomous vehicles, and it has been relatively hush hush so far. Only thing we do know is that the automotive industry has made it clear they want to introduce this type of technology in the coming 4-5 years.

To be clear this is just autonomous vehicles, and not fully autonomous. The vehicles, even though they do drive themselves, will still have a person in the driver seat to operate. This is setup very similar to many planes today that have an autopilot feature, but this is for driving.

Top secret car access.

Only you will have secret clearance to enter your vehicle. The talk is that they will soon introduce biometric vehicle access, which means in order to enter your car or truck, you will do so by using your fingerprint. This could be as simple as placing your finger on a pad outside the door, or it could be something that is triggered when you grab the door handle, a short pause, and then the sound of your car doors unlocking.

Keyless entry has taken us a long way, but this is the next feasible step for technology and anti-theft systems. Maybe they will have us scan our eyes next?

Guerilla In-Car Marketing

So you are driving around in your autonomous vehicle, well you are actually just sitting there while it drives you. What some economists think may happen as soon as 2020, is the introduction of In-Car marketing. We have seen this personalized style of marketing done with Google and Facebook, based on our browsing history and interests. What if your car windshield starts flashing ad placements in front of you? Maybe the HUD on your infotainment system starts showing ads? This really isn’t that farfetched, as we live in a very in-depth digital age.

We want to hear from you! What amazing futuristic technology do you think we will see in the next half decade?

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