In-Car Technology Every Driver Should Have

Car Tech that will make your driving experience a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Welcome to the year 2016, and welcome to a nearly complete digital age in which everything we do is so dependent upon technology. It is either our mobile devices, our computers, televisions and the applications we can use on each of them.

This digital age has now transcended into the automotive industry, and it may have done so in a much more influential manner. It has ultimately changed how we shop for our next vehicle, and how we interact with our vehicle.

Keyless is borderline James Bond cool.

Having keyless access to your new or used vehicle is an incredibly cool thing to have. It also is a great safety measure as it allows you to really restrict entry in more than just locking the vehicle. Not only do many remote entry key sets offer the option to unlock your vehicle, but you can also remote start your vehicle. This is incredibly useful for very warm or cold months so you can setup your vehicles temperature before entry. This device can be installed in almost any used vehicle today states Mr. Ed – auto financing services from Arizona. This also makes a remarkable gift for just about anyone with a vehicle. Nothing is worse than leather seats in the dead heat of summer or in the freezing months of winter.

Voice recognition is a must!

With the no text and even handheld laws of the road, this technology has quickly become a must for every new car owner, and matter of fact it is more or less a standard feature in many new vehicles.  The dangers of texting while driving, or holding your phone while conversation is extremely challenging and a risk to everyone on the road. So why risk it? You should just look into owning a vehicle where you can simply send text messages or talk to loved ones over the phone with voice command & recognition software.

The evolution of safety based technologies.

There are two major tech breakthroughs in the past few years for cars, and car safety. One being blind spot monitoring systems. This system will alert you of any vehicles that come in and out of your known blind spots, because every car has them, and just a split second could become dangers for any driver. The other is pre-collision systems. This system in its raw form will alert the driver of an oncoming obstruction to prepare the driver for impact or possible impact. The more advanced versions will now actually apply the vehicles brakes for you to avoid the possible collision.

There you have a few unique technologies that have been added to the automotive industry in just the last few years. It is scary to imagine where we will be with the auto industry in the next 3 to 5 years, but safe to say we will see a lot more of the above, but in superior form.

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