Checklist for Setting Up a Great Office Space

Whether you are launching a business from the ground up or if you are moving an existing company to a new location, using a checklist for setting up a great office space is essential for maximizing productivity and providing you with a smooth transition to a new location. Utilizing a checklist when setting up your new office space is ideal to avoid potential unforeseen problems while feeling prepared to tackle any obstacle or challenge you encounter throughout the process.


Consider the budget you have for moving expenses as well as for monthly expenses that are expected at your new office space. If you are not familiar with monthly expenses that are common in your new office space, ask your real estate agent or another business owner who is renting an office in the same location as you.

Having a budget in place is essential if you are working with investors or if you have a set amount of money to work with in order to help cover the move and the transition into your new space.

Designating Workspaces

Designate offices and workspaces in your new location before moving in to help smooth the transition for any team members or employees you currently have. Create a visual of the layout of your new office space to determining the best ways to make the most out of the area you have available. Consider creating new spaces and rooms in your office location with dividers, desks, and even entirely new walls (depending on your budget).

Office Equipment

Create a list of the type of office equipment you require in order to work as effectively and efficiently as possible once the move is complete. Most offices require computers, high-speed internet, copiers, printers, scanners, and even conference phone setups. Find a variety of high-quality printers and copiers designed with businesses in mind by visiting

Before purchasing office equipment, ensure each of the items you are investing in is extremely useful and valuable to your company and employees. Avoid overspending on equipment that is unnecessary so you are able to save as much capital as possible for future expansions and growth opportunities.

Methods of Communication

Before you are able to get to work in your new office space, installing high-speed business internet, conference phone lines and even television monitors for conference calls is imperative. Have a clear idea of the type of communication you prefer with your employees and even clients or customers you speak with regularly. When you have all of the methods of communication you need already installed on the move-in day, you are able to resume getting back to work without losing out on potential revenue-generating opportunities and clients.

Taking the time to create a checklist before moving into a new office space ultimately helps to ease worry and stress from your mind, even if you have moved your office in the past. With the right planning, organization, and execution, get your new office space up and running flawlessly in no time.

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