Clever Ideas and Hacks for Keeping Your Office Tidy

With all of the electronic computers, devices, and gadgets that an average office needs, innovation is also needed for keeping all of the wires and eye sores hidden away. This article covers some of the best new ideas to assist with old problems and get your office organized. Cables and wires like the quality ones we sell on are necessary to make the technology work, but you don’t have to see them. Use these great ideas in your office to tidy up, save time, keep you organized, and look good while doing it:

Hanging Lighting Strips:

If you need to hand electric strips or anything else that has exact holes, photocopy the back and use that as a template. That way, you will see exactly where to drill the holes and get it right the first time. This saves time and also saves you from having to make a mess out of the wall.
Keep Your Key Card Safe:

If you need a key card to get into and out of your office, put it in your mobile phone case. You take your phone with you everywhere, this way you will never be without your key card. This eliminates the problem of forgetting your wallet or changing purses because everyone takes their phone with them and no one ever forgets their mobile phone at home.

Desk Organizer or Pencil Holder:

Have any old discs lying around? They make an innovative and upcycled pencil holder or desk organizer. This can be done with old CD or DVD cases as well. Use twist ties or glue to make a box. Gluing a fifth piece to the bottom is an option if you want to be able to move your desk organizer around. If you do not like the quirkiness of the discs showing, you can always cover them with craft paper or wrapping paper.

Box Up Routers and Modems:

Use decorative design boxes to store routers, modems, and similar devices that don’t look very appealing. Choose boxes that match your décor or add custom paper design or paint to make them match the rest of your design. Cut a hole in the back of the box to pull the wires through the back making them invisible to the front. The finished product looks like nicely designed storage boxes with no visible wires or cords.

Hide and Charge Devices in Drawers:

If you have an empty drawer, you can turn it into convenient storage for your mobile devices and a charging station. Just add a power strip to the drawer and feed the cords through the back so that they will not be in the way or be seen. This is also a great way to keep employees from using their devices during working hours if there are restrictions in your work environment.

Bread Clips Label Cords:

If you never are sure which cord is which, this is an easy and free way to label each cord, cable, and wire. You will never have to wonder which is which ever again.

Office Clips Organize Your Plugs:

These types of office clips have a variety of office organization uses in addition to holder papers together. If you regularly need to plug and unplug cords, wires, and cables into your electronics, try using these clips will help keep them all handy and in order.

Keep Loose Cords at Bay:

Do you have a box or drawer with a tangled mess of cords? Wouldn’t this be much more organized and easy to manage? Use old toilet paper rolls to hold and label cords when they are not in use. The toilet paper cores neatly fit into a box or drawer and keep everything easily accessible and organized.

Hang a Desk Curtain:

If all else fails, just hide everything! Even the tidiest and most organized plugs, wires, and cords can still be an eye sore. This is one of the easiest cover ups. Just hang a solid color curtain or fabric between your desk and the wall and all of the problems will disappear instantly.

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