Companies are turning to social media to improve customer services

Customer service has, for a long time, been a tricky thing to get right and one issue many companies struggle with. Making a connection with people can be a difficult task, particularly when they have such high expectations.

Research conducted by Kcom and the Customer Contact Association has evidenced how hard it is, by revealing 26 per cent of individuals believe that nobody gives “great” customer service.

This struggle is increased by the fact that people are expecting more from products and services they are paying for, with 34 per cent claiming they don’t get the value they should.

The recession played a part in this, as 43 per cent now spent less than they did before the financial crash of 2008, but companies have spent recent times developing strategies to combat these issues.

Social media’s rise coincided with the economy’s fall, so many have taken to utilise these online platforms, which are free to use, in order to better connect with their customers.

Kcom and the CCA’s research shows as many as 71 per cent of organisations are now constantly monitoring websites such as Facebook and Twitter, mainly so they can engage with people and read their feedback.

More than two-thirds have gone one step further and have actually trained staff to effectively manage social media, so they can get the most positive experience out of it.

Over 43 per cent have invested into new technologies to help with this, but they must beware there is still a digital divide in the UK and most claim they wouldn’t use a mobile device to register a complaint.

You can find out more information on this subject by reading the infographic on the Future of Customer Service below.

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