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For many enterprises, the office they choose has a major impact on the overall success of their business: the right location can be key to creating the right brand image and attracting the cream of the crop when it comes to clients; the right layout can improve efficiency; and good décor can help to raise workplace morale.

Another determining factor to consider when choosing a new office is how it suits your technological requirements. Most modern business simply couldn’t function without the advanced technology that we’ve all come to rely on, and you’ll soon realise that some spaces are better suited to your business needs than others.

The next time that you’re scoping out a potential property, here are a few things to take into consideration.


Some offices will come fully furnished, and this will include IT equipment such as computers, printers and photocopiers. If you’re working on a budget and trying to minimise start-up costs, then looking for an office that fits this criteria could be a good start. Equally, fully-furnished options can be a great way to save time and effort setting up even if you have money to burn, and executive options like serviced offices from LEO can be an ideal way to get your hands on the most state-of-the art technology. Factor in, too, that although having equipment provided for you will up your rental costs, maintenance will also be taken care of.

Data Centre

Think about whether you’re going to need a data centre. If so, is the building outfitted with the things you’ll need to run it: namely, air conditioning, security and power? If you’ll require a comms room, is there a suitable space, and is it large enough to accommodate your equipment?


Is the power supply in the property sufficiency to power your data centre and any IT equipment that you’ll need? If you’re unsure, call in a professional to help you to assess it; office design and fit out companies will usually be able to identify exactly how much power you need, and whether your new space can provide it.

Location of Exchange

If you’re looking at a property that has an internet connection already installed, then find out how close your office space is to the internet exchange. It’s really important to be aware that the further away you are, the slower your internet speed is likely to be. In some cases, this can have a pretty devastating effect on company productivity.


If you’re going to lay cabling then you’ll need a raised floor. If the property you’re considering doesn’t have one, then it could cause some serious complications. Even if the floor is suitable, you need to consider the electricity points: are there enough of them to accommodate each desk and its equipment, photocopiers, and other miscellaneous items such as shared printers?

Energy Efficiency

Another thing to take into account is the energy efficiency of the building. If this is low, then you’re looking at some very high-energy bills for using your equipment. Remember to factor in these costs and ensure that you’re happy with them before committing to anything.

Follow these tips to help you find an office space that fits your needs.

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