Gadgets of the Future: Best Affordable Drones for Aerial Images

Whenever you think about aerial photography, drones are the first thing that comes to mind. Whether it’s for fun or to take professional pictures, you need a drone with a good camera that can capture the moments just as they happen. You might not have a budget for that, or maybe you cannot afford to spend so much on a drone especially when you are just starting out.

And this is precisely why we came up with a list of a few cheap drones with a good camera that you might want to check out as you venture into the magical world that is aerial photography. We factored in the camera capabilities as well as the ease of flight, which are the two things you will have to consider when making your purchase.

Best Affordable Models on the Market

The list below is not in a particular order, but it includes the drones that will ultimately give you a good value for your money, mostly at just under $100. If this list is not big enough for you, you might also want to check out this article on affordable drones for aerial photography.

Holy Stone HS300 RC

If you are in the market for an affordable drone that has superior features for all your photography needs, the Holy Stone might just be what you are looking for. It’s equipped with an HD 1080P camera, with a professional 120 degrees wide-angle lens that lets you take stunning photographs and videos.

It will only cost you around $200, which includes a drone, a camera, 14.8Wh batteries, USB cables, propeller blades, and extra landing gear screws and guard screws.

What’s more? You will have it easy when taking your shots because of the automatic altitude hold that, when you release the throttle stick, the drone hovers at the current height. We cannot forget the other powerful features that include the triple protection blades, speed control, headless mode (really comes handy when you are new to this hobby), and a low voltage protection.

Hubsan H501S X4 FPV Brushless Quadcopter

If you don’t mind spending just a little bit more for drones with superior features, why not consider the Hubsan X4? It comes fitted with a 1080P HD camera that has a standard 5.8G wireless transmission, that covers up to 300 meters of range.

This drone has a flight time of about 19 minutes, which is powered by features such as a GPS hold, a return to home and follow me mode, in just a touch of a button. The headless flight function allows you to fly the drone in any direction you want, despite the actual direction it might be facing.

Additionally, the Hubsan has a 4.3 inch LCD screen resolution of 480*272.

You will get these and more unbelievable features at just approx. $250, after a 29% discount. What’s not to like?


This drone will let you take fantastic shots and videos from the sky using its inbuilt 720p, 2MP camera. You get a first person view, with a live camera feed, with which you can control and view your flight directly from your Android or an Apple smartphone.

Additionally, purchasing this drone will not break your BANK. It will cost you approx. $119.95 which, when compared to most drones with a camera, is quite affordable.

There is also a custom flight mode feature that allows you to create your desired flight plan straight from your smartphone screen and watch it fly without any assistance at all. You will also love the headless mode, which requires no adjustment before taking off. All of these features make the UDI perfect for beginners.

Coocheer Syma X8G

Going for approx. $100, this is the drone for you, if you want to strike a balance between a good value for your money and a good camera for all your aerial shots.

It comes with a 5MP HD camera and supports up to 1080P video quality. You don’t have to worry about assembling because the camera is easy to attach which makes it very ideal for beginners.

What’s more? The Coocheer has the latest 6-axis flight control system and a 3D lock for extra stability while in the air. The highly elastic protective circles will keep your blades, durable in the long term.

Ctronics Drones RC Helicopter

Looking for the best value for your money as a beginner in the drone world? The Ctronics will only cost you approx. $30. It’s equipped with a removable HD camera with 2MP and a 360 degree rotation function.

This is an entry level product that can be used perfectly for training or taking aerial shots. Additionally, it has adopted a 2.4 GHz technology that helps you fly more than one drone at a time without any interference.

And that’s not all. You will love its headless mode cruise control and the fact that it can fly in any direction seamlessly.

WonderTech Zodiac

Looking for a drone that’s just under a $100 that you can still take stunning aerial images with? The WonderTech is the right fit for you.

It goes for approx. $90, and is equipped with an HD camera for your aerial photography and videos. The 5-channel 2.4 GHz transmitter and receiver let you fly multiple drones at once without interference.

The headless mode keeps the drone flying in any direction regardless of the actual side the drone is facing, which makes it perfect for beginners. The best part? You can now go to the return key by just one press of a button.

UDI 818A HD+ RC Quadcopter

This is a fantastic drone with a low voltage alarm, a headless mode that allows it to move in any direction and 360 degrees flips that lets you do stunts with much ease, just at the push of a button.

Its HD camera, which is powered by 2 mega pixels, will let you capture awesome aerial shots and videos. And that’s not all. The drone comes equipped with a 6-axis Gyro for extra stability, wind resistance, and to help you maneuver easily especially when capturing stunts.

And, you will get all these features for around $90, which is a good value for your money.

Concluding thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed this post and if you did, feel free to share with your friends and family, not forgetting other drone enthusiasts out there. Please let us know if there is any vital information you feel like we have not captured so that we can include it in our next post.

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