Here’s How Savvy Business Owners Use Email To Manage Their Companies

We all know how effective a tool email is in today’s modern workplace. It’s an essential form of communication used by millions of companies around the world. One significant advantage of email is how it is not bound by any borders or time zones. Email messages get sent and delivered in seconds.

One thing you might not know is how today’s savvy business owners are using email to their advantage. In fact, their email programs aren’t just tools for sending and receiving messages. They open up a whole new world of time-saving ideas. Here are some examples of what they do:

Savvy business owners filter messages by importance

When you’re the busy head of a company, the last thing you want to do is waste time. Your email inbox will often get filled with a mixture of emails. Some might be important while others can get deleted. To save time, savvy business owners set up filtering rules in their inboxes.

That means when a message gets delivered to them, their email software decides what to do with it. Some messages may get flagged as important while others get moved to the trash folder.

They use email to organize travel bookings

It’s no secret that many smartphone apps allow you to store flight and hotel booking details. But, the clever bit is how they do that! CEOs and other company bosses forward reservation emails to a special email address.

That email address gets linked to the account used with the smartphone app. Once the booking emails get received, they get scanned and stored into the app. It saves those business owners time and makes them greener by not printing stuff out!

They delegate messages to other people

A significant proportion of emails sent to company bosses aren’t applicable to them. To combat such a growing problem, email recipients delegate those messages to other staff. That way, the messages get actioned by the right people. And the company owner has a cleaner inbox!

They send text messages from their email programs

I know, it sounds like a strange idea, right? But, here’s the thing. Let’s say a company boss wants to arrange a meeting with other staff members. He or she wants to do so sooner rather than later.

An email isn’t always a good idea because the message might stay unread or even deleted by mistake. But, a text message is instant and will get read. It’s possible to use an email to text service so that one can SMS groups of people at a time. Pretty clever technology, don’t you think?

They use IMAP instead of POP3

Today’s modern company bosses store their emails on the mail server instead of locally. Why? Because it gives them the freedom to access their messages from any device.

When they are traveling, for instance, they can deal with emails from their smartphone. In the office, they can use their work computer. And, at home, they can log into their email account from a Web-based system.

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