How to Spark Quality Ideas When Brainstorming Marketing Strategies

The key to success when it comes to marketing is planning. You should have a clear plan first before moving forward. Otherwise, you won’t be satisfied with the results. Assemble your marketing team and facilitate a brainstorming session. Everything will start with the ideas generated and you can build the plan from there. Here are some tips to ensure that the brainstorming session will be effective.

Set a clear goal

Everyone needs to know why you are brainstorming in the first place. If the goal is to come up with quality content for rollup banners, the team needs to know it up front. You even have to state it before the session so that upon arrival at the venue, they already have something in mind to contribute to the discussion.

Be an energetic facilitator

Brainstorming can be draining. It is a group of people with different personalities with different ideas. Managing the team can be stressful. This is true especially if the ideas thrown around are not respected. Despite that, you have to remain calm and make sure no one feels bad. You should also maintain your energy even if the session is taking a long time.

Choose the best people for the team

Before you even invite people to the session, make sure they are worthy of being there. They must have knowledge about marketing and of your company. They need to know what the issues are. They must have a clear understanding of the problems. In short, they must have a contribution to make to the team. Otherwise, they will just be useless there. Make a decision based on their skills and not their position in the company.

Find the right venue for the brainstorming activity

You have to find a place that is conducive to this type of discussion. It has to be cool so that everyone will have clearer heads. It should also be quiet. There must be enough resources for note taking and presenting. Let everyone be involved in deciding which place to use.

Don’t make judgements

If you really want people to feel good about being in the room and to make them contribute, make sure that you don’t pass judgements. Brainstorming is about ideas. Acknowledge them. Write them in your notes. Let everyone have a say on them, but never make instant decisions. This will make others feel bad and no longer be enticed to contribute.

You should take your time to brainstorm until great ideas come out. You should also think about all the ideas generated and let everyone know that you appreciate their efforts. Don’t let them feel bad by saying that their ideas are useless and you are not choosing them. This is a time for you to just put your heads together to help the company.

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