Improve Audience Engagement At Your Conference With Mobile Technology

One of the prime focuses in your event preparation should be how you’re going to engage the attendees.

No one wants to attend a conference feeling like they’re going to sit for hours and be talked at–they want to be engaged. Though having quality content to present is always crucial, a tool that helps the audience engage with content can have a significant impact on your conference’s success.

The majority of attendees will carry a mobile device when attending conferences, so for those who have signed up to attend your conferences, mobile technology provides an easy way to distribute key information and take attendee input before, during and after the event, as well as encouraging interaction with your social media and web channels.

Today’s mobile applications give conference delegates the opportunity to join communities, create profiles, and send messages directly to attendees to connect on social media. Furthermore, event app technologies are allowing attendees to leave their feedback in real time through poling and surveys, which can be stored automatically for insightful reports.

Conference planners therefore can leverage the mobile compulsion by utilizing useful apps that convert the technology into a productive tool for audience engagement. Here are some tactics for delivering an unforgettable conference experience through an event application:

Get information about audience

Is the conference targeted towards high-net worth individuals? Or can anyone attend? This will help in determining the type of devices used by the audience and how they could access event content. Think about how an event app will be used by the audience to get what they are looking from your conference, and then place appropriate data into your event app.

Seek the right partner

It’s not about the price tag. Android conference apps and event apps for mobile OS should deliver information in real-time and include features to create real-time connections. According to Double Dutch, such conference applications should optimize the user experience for attendees with features such as expended menu options, and the ability to communicate with conference organizers through social media and community channels.

Leverage Push notifications

A mobile event app can reduce the pressure of putting on a perfect conference. If any last minute changes occur (an event sponsor drops out or an outdoor venue shifts to an indoor venue because of harsh weather), you can utilize push notifications in your event app to notify attendees in an instant. These notifications can also be used to build excitement by giving out content previews a few hours/days before the conference schedule.

Market your event app

You don’t want audience to just download your app; you want them to interact with it and use its features to engage with companies and customize their experience. Scrutinize which event features your audience will most likely use, and market them on social media and other channels. Demonstrate to the potential attendees how the event app will fulfill their needs at the conference. You can also produce new content to carter the demand of your audience, keeping them engaged and ready to be updated of your next conference.
There’s a plethora of ways you can use an event app to get your audience involved, whether it’s through push notification or using real-time polls for transmitting information. A specialized event management company can develop an app tailored for your conference.

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