Increasing Product Exposure With Pop-up Marketing

Pop up marketing stands are a cheap, easy to use and effective way of promoting your business, products or services to a large number of potential customers. With a minimum of effort pop-up stands offer you the opportunity to get the message of your business across and make a quick impression on the general public.

Pop-up marketing stands are most commonly used at trade events as they make the perfect addition to any business’s stall. They are quick and simple to set up. The banner itself, which is made using plastic fabrication, is stored in the lightweight base, made from aluminium. You slot a retractable pole into the base which holds your banner. This provides a surprisingly sturdy support so that that all the world can see your banner! If you’re looking for some great companies that could help you with some bespoke design, look no further than Arcola Products – these guys have some real talent.

This ease of assembly is the first and most obvious benefit of the banner. Once you have it set up you can forget about it and spend more time working on your display. Also when it comes time to pack up a pop up stand is simple to dismantle and takes up very little space making it easy to transport. Plus you don’t need to fold the banner itself meaning that it won’t get any ugly creases.

A pop up marketing stand is versatile too. You can use them not only at trade shows and conferences but also outside your store front to attract passing business, in the reception/waiting room of your offices or even in the offices themselves; basically since they take up so little space and are so durable you can place them wherever you think you can catch the eye of future clients.

Pop up stands offer a great alternative to other, often more expensive avenues of advertising. Often television, radio or newspaper adverts don’t have great longevity, the most amount of time you can recycle these types of advertising is just a few months. However if you keep the info on your banner general, that is if you don’t put any dates or short term offers on them, and make your brand name and contact details very clearly visible you can continue to use the pop stand for years and in a variety of contexts.

A well designed stand can attract real interest in your business and help grow your brand recognition. An intelligent and stylish design can be the difference between a potential customer taking a closer look at your services and remembering your company in the future. A wide range of graphic designs are available with pop up banners and their height and width can be varied giving you a significant amount of space to make a serious visual impact.

This instant impact is probably the greatest benefit of a pop up marketing stand. Your banner is your opportunity to make a quick but lasting impression in the mind of the consumer. In one space you can concisely express the message and services of your business. You can show in the blink of an eye why your business is special and why it deserves attention. An opportunity like that is what every business in every industry craves and if you style your pop-up banner in the right manner it can attract a great deal of interest in your brand.

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