Instagram For Social Marketing

When it comes to marketing, a lot of businesses think they have a better chance of achieving success if they can reach a larger audience, while that may be true in a lot of cases, it isn’t so when it comes to social marketing.

Facebook has the largest amount of members of all the social networking sites at over one billion users, followed by Twitter. According to a study done by digital consulting company L2 Think Tank, Instagram is the most successful social network for marketing, despite having less than 800,000 users than Facebook.

In their research, they studied 249 brands that were advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In their studies people interacted with posts that the brands made 15% more on Instagram than on Facebook. This has caused over 90% of the brands that were studied to open Instagram accounts so they can get more exposure for their brand.

A reason for the high rate of interaction on Instagram is that their users are very active on the social media, almost 60% of Instagram users use the app daily, and 35% of them use it multiple times a day. Instagram users even interact with some brands that do not have an Instagram account, like Chanel which has almost 3 million images posted but don’t have an Instagram account.

Instagram created a blog for businesses that are trying to expand their brand on the social network site, some of the advice given to business owners include creating a personal Instagram account just to get a feel of how the social network community works, creating a video about their brand, using popular and relevant hashtags, connecting their Instagram account to their Facebook account, and engaging other people by liking their photos or following them.

There are many more tools businesses can use to effectively market their brand on Instagram they can get by visiting the Instagram website.

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