Interacting interiors: ways to connect

Grab your iPhones and Androids and deliver yourselves to the 21st century because the future is already here! The smartphone is even now revolutionizing ordinary living in the home.

Light up your world before you come home

Phillips HUE is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment as far as remote lighting is concerned. Provided your phone or tablet is either iOS 4.3 or better, or if you have Android with a 2.3 (Jelly Bean) version or later, you are going to be able to set your home alight with a choice of 16 million different hues, at any strength and at any time you like. It’s a great idea for that extra bit of security on your home if you’re away. Phillips HUE bulbs are available in three different types, and they screw into the usual sockets without any fuss at all. You get a starter pack that includes the Bridge (yep, very Star Trek), which is the controller of all that is light and bright, and this connects to the bulbs using Wi-Fi.

All appliances can work this way

LightwaveRF also controls the lights, although not with the choice of colors that HUE offers. However, LightwaveRF’s real talent is the fact that it can control lots of your appliances. You can get your clothes washing in the machine just before you come home so they’re ready to hang out; heat your hair straighteners while you’re still in your bath; and again, while you’re away from the home, lights set to a non-automated pattern (i.e. not the same every day) is a great way to put off any potential robbers. It’s complicated to install, as it needs to be wired up correctly throughout your entire house, but once you’ve got it in, you’ll wonder how everyone else copes without it. Alternatively – and somewhat less expensive – how about just changing your electrical sockets into smart outlets? Controlled with your phone, all you have to do is make sure your appliances are plugged in!

Go to bed with music

We’re serious. Sure, the use of remote controller technology can be used for all kinds of responsible reasons, like the Lockitron security system that ensures clunky old bunches of keys are a thing of the past. But we like the less grown up stuff, like…. the iPod bed; a luxury affair with a very modern and minimal, yet comfortable look, and the all-important controller that is also Bluetooth® enabled. With just an iPod, or a USB stick, or any kind of smartphone, you can funk up your bedroom (not forgetting your fancy lights) and really live the modern age the way it’s supposed to be.

The fact is that this modern age we live in gives us the opportunity to use technology as much or as little as we like. Into the future we’re going to see more and more chances to automate our homes and workplaces wirelessly, and what’s good now can only get better with all the advances we’re making.

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