iPhone 5s Review

The release of Apple’s iPhone 5s marked the first time the company released two iPhones in the same year. Even though the iPhone 5s looks exactly like the iPhone 5, there are a lot of improvements made in the latest iPhone.

One of the new improvements is the home button which has a new design, and also has a fingerprint sensor underneath it to read your fingerprint for the new Touch ID feature. The Touch ID feature allows you to unlock the phone by holding your finger over the sensor, which is surprisingly quicker than entering a pass code and makes the phone more secure. With the new Touch ID, the iPhone 5s can recognize up to five fingers, which can include other people’s fingerprints. If you value your privacy like I do, you won’t let anyone else have access to your phone.

Other improvements on the iPhone 5s are the new A7 processor which makes the phone faster than its predecessors, and the new camera which is a huge upgrade over the camera in the previous iPhone. Even though it still has the same 8 megapixel camera, the sensor is 15 percent larger, and the phone also takes better low light pictures. The faster processor also gives the phone a real burst mode shooting feature, where you hold down the shutter and take multiple pictures in a row. This feature is great for taking pictures at sporting events, or capturing fluid movements. The best part is that the pictures are sorted into their own files by the iOS 7 camera app.

For people that hate having to go through different files to change the settings on their iPhone, there is a new control center you can access on any screen or app to change your settings.

While other phones are increasing their screen size, the iPhone 5s still has a four inch screen which is a little disappointing, on the bright side the smaller screen makes it more compact than the other phones.

Despite the stiff competition from companies like Samsung, Apple’s iPhone 5s is still the best smartphone on the market.

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