Konica Set Their Sights on India as they Invest in 3D Print Technologies

According to the Economic Times, China and India are two nations that are closely monitored by big businesses with capital to invest.

So far, the main distinction between two has been the success of China’s robust manufacturing industries which propelled its economic growth far beyond the flourishing services industries in India.

However, the tide may soon turn for both nations as “growth in the Chinese economy is dwindling and global investors are looking for an ‘alternate China’ to park their money in.”
While the manufacture of established technologies like computing equipment is well catered for by China, the potential is there for India to become a leader of future technologies and “hone expertise in new manufacturing techniques like 3D printing.”

One company that looks set to invest in that potential is Konica. This month, the global brand appointed Yuji Nakata as its new managing director in India. Nakata knows all too well how to capitalise in a high growth economy.

Previously, he worked as the company’s chief representative in Thailand and then the managing director in China and is credited with “consolidating the brand’s dominance in those markets.”

The executive manager of Konica Minolta India, V Balakrishnan, said in a statement that “As we move towards taking Konica Minolta to the next level of growth, we are privileged that a person of [Nakata’s] calibre is there to guide us through.”

Despite much talk of the reduced need for copying equipment in light of digital document solutions and the possibility of ‘paperless’ working, the company has demonstrated a consistent commitment to adapting its product technologies to meet the new demands of its users.

In January of this year their Bizhub MFP range made history as “it earned [Konica] the prestigious MFP Line of the Year Award from Buyer’s Lab (BLI) for the fourth year in a row.”
Just a few months later the Bizhub range also won the much coveted Red Dot Award for “its new generation “INFO-Palette” design concept which meet the needs of diverse working styles and make a valuable asset to efficient and productive business practice.”

Paying attention to the business demands of the future is cementing Konica’s position as an innovative global brand leader and that could be very good news for both their extensive client base and the Indian economy.

In January, evidence of their intention to be a major player in the emerging 3D printing market was confirmed when the company bought a 10% stake thought to be worth €13.7m in the MGI Digital Graphic Technology Company.

The company, which specialises in digital print technologies recently acquired CERADROP, a “manufacturer of high-end industrial 3D printers” which will enable them to tap straight into the growing 3D print sector.

In 2013, the value of the 3D scanning market was estimated to be worth £1.23 billion but is expected to double by 2018.

The collective expertise and pioneering management of Konica combined with India’s commitment to economic growth could mark the beginnings of a very lucrative partnership for all involved.
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