Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Review

Lightning returns is the final chapter of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy produced by Square Enix, it is set 13 days before the end of the world. Lightning is awoken by Bhunivelze, the God of the Final Fantasy universe, to be the savior that will save the souls of the humans and guide them to a new world that he created.

Lightning is the only playable character in this game unlike Final Fantasy XIII-2 where there were two playable characters, and Lightning only appeared as a supporting character. Some of the other characters like Vanille and Snow also make appearances in the game.

The game play is very much improved from the previous versions of the game, the fact that the world is about to end also gives it a sense of urgency, so while playing you spend your time wisely, because you can’t afford to spend too much time exploring your surroundings. The visuals of the game are very stunning, and it is almost a shame there isn’t enough time to explore the open world.

There is also a new battle system, which is probably the best thing in the game. Even though you can only play as lightning, you can customize and equip three Schemata with different looks, ATB Meter, and attacks, which gives you three extra players to use. The only negative is that you cannot level up or get experience points through the battle system, you can only do so by completing quests, which can sometimes get repetitive and boring.

I expected Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII to be a lot better because it is the conclusion of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. While I was a little disappointed in the storyline, the sense of urgency in the game and the battle system definitely made the game an enjoyable experience.

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