How to Make Sure Your Mobile App Reaches It’s Intended Audience

2013 was a massive year in the world of app production, with Apple announcing that they now have over one million apps available in their app store. What is considered a massive feat in technology advancements, can also make app creators nervous about the future of their releases. With the ever-increasing number of apps added to the various stores, the likelihood of your brainchild becoming a number in a large pile is a serious reality especially if you are new to the app game. Luckily, there is a number of ways to increase your visibility and help your app get to the top of the heap.

Identify Your Target Market

Much like any marketing campaign, it’s important to identify and understand who the app is intended for. By establishing this, you will find it easier to shape the way your app is built, packaged, and marketed. Each part of your strategy, from the price point, to the category, and even to the operating system, should be crafted around the demographics of your audience. You will also be able to conduct a stronger competitive research campaign, allowing you to get a strong grip of where you stand in the market against similar apps, and gather inspiration from their campaigns and adapt it to your own strategy.

Watch Your Pricing

An important part of marketing your app is deciphering your intended price point. Studies have shown that an overpriced app without the relevant marketing or hype is likely going to plummet in the app store. You might want to consider setting your app at one price, and then applying further discounts, with data showing that this is an effective method in spiking your downloads. Another option is creating a freemium app, which is free to download, however customers need to pay for any extras or other services.

Use the Right Keywords

While you carefully create a bio for you app, you also need to pay close attention to your keywords. In a nutshell, your keywords are the barrier between your app and the customers, letting them know exactly what your app is about. Therefore it’s important that your keywords are enticing enough to draw your market to click through to buy or download it. Tip: Brainstorm with your team and conduct keyword research to identify search volume for relevant terms.

Buy Ads

Part of understanding your target market is understanding where they hang out – in the digital space of course – and purchasing advertising in the websites they visit and interact with. The possibilities for advertising are endless with the option for you to purchasing in-app banner advertising with other apps that have a user base that fits your demographic, paying for spoken ad podcasts, and even on Facebook. Don’t get disheartened if one method doesn’t work, it just means it isn’t right for your brand – in the digital sphere, it’s all about trial and error. If you’re not sure where to start with online mobile advertising, companies like Brus Media will help you grow your app with quality campaigns.

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