Online Stockbroking: Three promising Tech Stocks Compared and Analysed

Online stockbroking investors are often wary of technology companies given their history of skittishness in the share market. But with last year’s statistics showing a dramatic 79% boom, tech stocks are firmly back in the picture. 

Which lesser-known technology stocks should you consider investing in?

Synchronoss Technologies Inc (SNCR)

Synchronoss Technologies provides activation services to mobile phone operators as well as handset backups to its clients. The company reported an 25% increase in revenue of $201.9 million in the six months up to June 30.
Investment analysts predict that the share price, now at $30, and, as Wall Street experts predict a healthy growth rate of 20% this could go even higher.

The Relative Strength Index of Synchronoss Technologies was estimated at 29.2 – which implies that the stock is oversold. If you fall into the bullish category, this could mean that the oversold trend is close to exhaustion and the stock is ready to enter a new phase.

Garmin (GRMN)

With a modest but positive yield of 3.4%, Garmin provides software for navigation systems for planes and vehicles. The company plans to diversify its market and is in the process of developing applications for cameras, physical fitness apps as well as pet tracking systems. Garmin expects to add on an impressive 60% profits to its revenue of $1.2 billion this June, 2014. 

Currently, they pay 48 cents every quarter which means that for the next three years, they will not need to dip into cash flows to pay investors; overall, an encouraging figure for shareholders.

It would be fair to mention that although their sales figures may have been slightly on the lower side this year, their $300 million stock repurchase plan last year showed their commitment towards their shareholders.

Seagate Technology (STX)

With a dividend rate of 2.9%, Seagate Technologies is another tech stock to keep a careful watch on. Truth be told, the slight downside with Seagate Technologies is the fact that they are not active players in the smartphone and Tablet market. 

However, on the plus side, they are big in the cloud server market which has huge potential thanks to the rise in the smartphone phone market.

They currently have a price-to-earnings ratio of about a steady 10 which is a very positive indication of things to come.

Online stockbroking investors get a healthy 43 cents per quarter which is a significant jump over the 10 cents in 2008. The dividend is a reassuring 30% of the next year’s earnings which makes STX a cut above other tech stocks. 


Tech companies don’t have a tendency to carry a lot of hidden debt in their balance sheets. Moreover, they are often tied to overseas economies which can help to reduce risk during downturns. 

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