Paper Driving Licences Abolished in the UK – What It Means for You

Some changes are being made in the UK as far as getting a driver’s license goes, and from now on the Driver and Vehicle and Licensing Agency will not be issuing any paper documents. Instead, only photo cards will be given out when you update your current address or apply for a renewal. It has been speculated by many people that these changes might cause issues as far as hiring a car for a period of time or even test driving a vehicle when you think about buying a new one. Everything will now be documented electronically and there will be a code assigned to drivers to give out should they need to share their information. However, the DVLA has promised that over time this process will actually make things better and smoother and that drivers in the UK should not worry about any inconveniences that might arise.

Part of the reason that this process is happening is due to the fact that there have been many cases where people try to fraud their information and use it to get out of a motor vehicle conviction. With the world being so technological these days, it should not have been such a surprise to hear that things would be going in this direction. After all, most things these days are being transferred to a database in a digital form because it makes things harder to replicate and reduces margins of error.

The only real problem that people have come across with this new system is that each code that is generated with the driver’s information is only good for up to 72 hours. That means that every three days, you will have to renew your code if you are on a road trip or hiring a car out for longer than that. If you expect to be out of the service area for the internet, it could obviously put some problems in place. However, there is a process that you can follow with instructions on how to bypass this problem located on the DVLA page.

There are also worries that this new system could make it much messier when it comes to taking a driving test and purchasing a new car, if that process takes longer than the given time with an assigned code. These are all kinks that will have to be regulated and worked on in the future, but the bottom line is that the authorities feel that having electronic licenses with just photo cards is the right way to go. It will surely take time to handle all of this and smooth it out for the next months to come, but at the end of the day it is promised to be more effective and easy to use. Hopefully, everything aligns in order for this new system, called “My License” to work out, but for the time being it will require some patience and understanding from British citizens to see the bigger picture.

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