People From The UK Fear Remote Devices

In a research study that was conducted by Blinds 2 Go, it was found that 84 percent of Britons have fears of having remote controlled technology in their homes. A majority of the people polled feared appliances and blinds being controlled from the outside of their homes, violating their privacy, or causing damage to their homes in the process.

In the research study, the retailer surveyed 1,000 people, to find out how comfortable they were with the new technology that has become available, and how they feel about them running their homes. The questions they asked those that were surveyed were if they have a fear of robots or Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technology, or if they worried about having remote controlled gadgets in their homes. The majority of those surveyed, which came out to be 84 percent of the 1,000 people, said that they did fear the technologies mentioned.

15 percent of the people surveyed said that they would love to have the technology in their homes, while one percent said that it really wouldn’t make a difference to them. When asked about which of their home appliances they would not want to be controlled remotely, 36 percent answered that they would not like their dishwashers or ovens to be remotely controlled. 35 Percent of those surveyed answered that they would not like their blinds to be remotely controlled, 10 percent didn’t want their lights to be remotely controlled, and nine percent did not want their entertainment systems to be remotely controlled.

When asked why they felt that way about the technology, a lot of them said they would not trust the companies that manufactured the gadgets, especially when it came to their home security, and that they also fear getting hacked, which could cause a lot of problems for them. Despite the convenience provided by these gadgets, people aren’t willing to risk their privacy and security for some nifty gadgets.

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