Raspberry Pi 2 Unveiled

Thanks to the success of the first Raspberry Pi computer, a new budget priced version, with a faster processor and more memory, called the Raspberry 2, has recently been released. The Raspberry Pi was designed to help children learn how to code computers, and was so successful that it was adopted by a lot of schools all over the world.

The new Raspberry Pi has some modifications from the previous versions, while other parts were left unchanged. One of the new modifications they made was to the central processing unit (CPU). The previous CPU was a single core unit, but the new CPU is a quad core unit, which means that users can program it to use more of its core, to give it more power, or to use less, to reduce power consumption. The processing speed has also been increased, the Cortex A7 processor that ran at 700MHz in the previous edition, now runs at 900MHz.

The other change they made to the Raspberry Pi is that the random access memory (RAM), has been increased to 1 gigabyte, which is double what the previous version had.

As with the previous edition, the owner will need to add their own monitor, keyboard, and a MicroSD card that has a copy of an operating system. They won’t have to buy new enclosures, because the ones that were designed for the previous model fit it.

The cool thing about the Raspberry Pi is that it can perform the same functions that a regular PC does, it can be used to surf the web, play certain games, and watch videos. But it also comes with tools that children need to learn how to program a computer. Another good thing about the Raspberry Pi is that they managed to keep a lot of it the same, which means that children can still use the tutorials they had on the older version on this one.

Right now, the Raspberry Pi 2 runs some Linux based systems, but the makers have promised that it will be able to support the latest Microsoft operating system in the near future, because they have been working with Microsoft for the last six months, in hopes of bringing Windows 10 to the Raspberry Pi 2.

The Raspberry Pi 2 is retailing for $35, which is a pretty good price, and industry experts feel that it will have the same amount of success as the older versions, because it already has a great user base, and it also has brand recognition, which is something that a lot of the similar products that are being released now don’t have.

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