Revitalize your life with the Fitbit Charge

The latest in wristband technology from Fitbit is a really impressive device. If you want to keep on track with your fitness and energy levels then you won’t go far wrong with the Fitbit Charge Activity + Sleep Wrist Monitor.

All day, every day you can monitor your lifestyle, including exercise levels, food intake and sleep patterns. The Fitbit Charge is an all-encompassing way of measuring and analysing your daily activities with the aim of improving your fitness and energy levels.

Keep track of your daily exercise

Wherever you go, any time of day, as long as the Fitbit Charge is on your wrist you can measure every step you take, every floor you climb and every calorie you burn. All of the information is there with you so you can see how far you have travelled and how long you have been active. The data is displayed on a clear, easy to read, OLED screen. For ease of use battery life is an impressive 7 days, the best in wristband technology.

Monitor your sleep patterns

Exercise is not the only important aspect of your life that’s important, if you want to sustain your energy levels. It’s important that you have an effective rest pattern. The Fitbit Charge measures your sleep pattern during the night so you can study your sleep activity. Waking from sleep naturally helps you sustain your energy levels through the day; the Fitbit Charge makes this happen with a vibrating alarm feature that helps you awaken gradually instead of with a jolt, in response to a regular alarm.

Log your food

The built in bar code scanner and calorie estimator make it easy and quick to check on your food intake; an important feature if you’re going to keep your health and fitness on track. Use the food database on the associated app to help with your food management.

Interact with your smartphone or PC

The Fitbit Charge has wireless capability, via Bluetooth 4, within a radius of 20 feet so you connect to your smartphone, PC or tablet.

Get motivated

One of the most important factors in your quest for fitness and energy is motivation and the Fitbit Charge has this aplenty. You can keep up to date with your daily progress, the detailed daily memory lasts for seven days, and you can celebrate with awards for milestones via the app. If you want to have some fun along the way you can compete with friends, spur them on or taunt them about their failures.
Check out the extras

If all of the measuring and performance analysing technology isn’t enough then you’ve also got a contemporary looking wristband with a water resistant strap, and caller ID that lets you know if you have an incoming call, if your smartphone is close by. A state of the art piece of wristband technology, the Fitbit Charge is more than just a fitness measurement device; it will become an integral part of your everyday life, and an important tool in your journey towards improved fitness and energy levels.

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