Why SEO is Essential for Small Business?

Technology is more popular than ever before; it’s also growing in terms of complexity with every passing day. Even though we think of smartphones, social media, and the like when “technology” passes our minds, businesses rely on technology far more than people do to survive.

Research indicates that a whopping 93 percent of all online experiences start with search engines. Further, just short of half of all people – 47 percent – click on the first three search engine listings they see.

The World Wide Web is full of tons of statistics that suggest just how important search engine optimization is for succeeding as a business. Competing against other businesses that are also tuned into good SEO practices is also highly difficult, as mental barriers for entry into the world of SEO are quite high.

Outside of statistics that objectively show correlation between small business success and positive rankings on search engines, here are several reasons explaining why quality search engine optimization work is essential for small business success.

Business Visibility Is Crucial For Success

If you own a smartphone, it doesn’t take very long to recognize that the typical smartphone user relies on their digital device to find the name, address, and phone number of businesses of all sorts.

Looking for restaurants in the area you’re in, whether you’re from there or not? You probably use Google to find their phone number, for example, to check their prices or daily specials.

People use digital devices to access Google to find out tons of information about local businesses. That’s exactly why it’s so important to have your small business’ listing pop up before any others on popular search engines like Google.

If Consumers Find Your Business Listed Higher Up Than Others Online, You’ll Get More Credibility Than Other Entities Will

Consumers treat credibility seriously when trying to find the best entity to do business with. As such, it’s highly important to get rankings superior to other small businesses if you hope to build up your own credibility.

Back before search engines were used so frequently, people used phone books to look for service providers. Businesses with listings that were found on the front page were far more credible than those with listings, for example, on the sixth page.

This sentiment holds true for listings on search engines. As such, you should always aim for the topmost listings on search engines like Google.

Get More Traffic Through Search Engine Optimization

To get more traffic in your brick and mortar business in crowded areas, you will likely need to get help from experts at SEO firms.

It’s possible to find these services in Australia at websites like ldseosydney.com.au, among many other similar providers of SEO services.

Getting more traffic in your physical locations will result in customers feeling closer to your business and brand. Although it’s difficult to explain exactly why it works like this, the human brain feels closer to things it actually sees in person.

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