Solar-Powered Everything

Worried about the impact of energy consumption on the environment and your household bills? Solar power could be the answer. With technological developments and the increasing efficiency of solar panels, there are now a number of effective ways in which solar energy can be integrated into our everyday lives – and many of them don’t require significant investment. Check out this page from Alinta Energy to brush up on your solar power basics, then read on to see how it’s being used. Which of your household devices will have been rendered obsolete by solar power in five years’ time?

Air Conditioning

In many parts of the world, air conditioning is now considered a necessity – rather than a luxury – for the summer months. The ironic thing is that air conditioners contribute more to global warming than almost any other household or office device. They’re also used most when it’s sunny, so it makes perfect sense that consumers are now turning to solar-powered alternatives. When air conditioners are designed to run on solar power, they offer minimal operating costs and a great return on investment. has more!

Outside Lighting

Probably one of the cheapest ways to integrate solar power into your home, solar-powered outside lights absorb the sun’s rays during the day and emit the energy as light during the night. The perfect way to keep your home safe or provide sophisticated, energy-friendly visual highlights!

Water Heating

Although home water heaters have become more efficient in recent years, the California-based Consumer Energy Center estimates that home water heating still accounts for 18% of an American household bill.  If you invest in a solar water heater, you can provide hot water to any room of your house for a fraction of the cost – and you can feel good that you’re doing your bit for the planet. If you’re planning to replace your gas or electric water heater soon anyway, think seriously about going solar! Contrary to what you might believe, you don’t need to live in a scorching hot climate – and you could even think about building and installing it yourself!


Solar-powered chargers are an energy-friendly (and ever more widely available) alternative to conventional chargers for phones and other electronic equipment – some manufacturers even offer universal versions that can work with all your devices. The perfect solution for when you’re caught short without a power supply!

Toys and Gifts

Manufacturers have been quick to catch on to consumer demand for greener products – and the toy market is no different. Solar-powered versions of many popular kids’ toys – including cars, boats, trains and animal figurines – can now be purchased at an affordable price. Great for teaching kids about the power of alternative energy! There are plenty of cool gadgets for the young-at-heart too, such as solar-powered backpacks (for carrying and charging your devices simultaneously) or solar-powered speakers (the perfect solution for camping or days at the beach). Give them as gifts this Christmas and show you someone you care whilst being good to the planet!

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