Take a glance at the new Corsair VOID gaming headset

Specialising in accessories gaming Corsair have created products for all types of users, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a casual or hardcore gamer Corsair have you covered. For more than twenty years Corsair have developed accessories to further enrich your gaming experience with products like gaming mice, gaming keyboards, SSD’s, headsets and speakers. But now Corsair have released the newest addition to their gaming headset peripherals the Corsair VOID gaming headset, let’s see what the buzz is all about.

The Corsair VOID has been designed for gamers with game-enhancing sound, a modern ultra-comfortable design, and on-headset-controls that provides instant one-hand adjustment to key audio settings. Furthermore when it’s paired with CUE (Corsair Utility Engine) you can craft your own dynamic lighting configurations as well as create and program EQ settings. Coming in 5 different models the Corsair VOID has one goal to keep you one step ahead of your enemies and its does this with a fast forward design, spectacular fidelity, and leading edge tech. Not only this Corsair VOID headsets enable you to command and control your gaming soundscape without hitting pause.

The Key features of the Corsair Void Gaming headset include Dolby 7.1 Pro Logic llx sound, which will enable multi-channel surround for accurate positional audio. Each ear cup will be feature Microfiber memory foam ear pads for extra comfort, and will be equipped with RGB LEDs for individual customisation or synchronisation with other Corsair RGB devices using CUE LINK. A new feature for Corsair headsets is also fitted called InfoMic, which provides a visual indicator providing mic status, Dolby status, battery levels, and connectivity status. Alongside this there is a unidirectional noise-cancelling microphone makes gamers’ voices loud and clear. If you go for the wireless model it comes with a wireless chipset which uses less power (up to a battery life of 16 hours) and still provides cordless freedom up to 40 feet. But the Key feature is the Efficient, custom 50mm neodymium drivers the VOID is using which deliver immersive audio that won’t disappoint.

Overall Corsair gaming headsets are designed not only to sound amazing, but to give you a competitive advantage and the new VOID headset certainly meets that criteria. VOID represents Corsair attempts to create the most advanced gaming headset with a focus on sound, comfort, and ease-of-use and I have to say they deliver the comfort you need to play for hours at a time and accurate audio reproduction that pulls you into the game. 

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