The Best Portable Mobile Phone Chargers

With news that Apple’s new iOS 9 update will include a number of power saving features that could potentially extend your iPhones battery life for up to 6 whole hours we are once again reminded how important battery power is especially when we consider our handheld devices. Whilst the new update is still months away from release we take a look at just some of the best portable mobile phone chargers out there on the market at the moment.


Certainly not the smallest charger on our list the RP-WD01 does offer a few other tantalising features that will definitely appeal to travellers and those frequently on the move. Packed with 3,000mAh of battery life the RAVPower is also capable of reading SD cards and can also be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot.


Outdoor Tech’s robust offering is ideal for those who need a battery charger with a little more sturdiness than others. Weighing in at hefty 9.4 ounces you may be thinking that this so-called portable charger is a little bulky for your needs. But not only is it shockproof but it is waterproof as well as with function perfectly even when submersed in water for up to three feet for a whole 30 minutes. The Kodiak is lit up by a quartet of green LED’s which each signify 25% of charge. It has a 6,000mAh capacity and is fully capable of giving you around 5 full smartphone charges. It features just one USB port and is arguably a little high in price but if you’re feeling adventurous then there’s no better charger to survive the trip.


With a mere $25 price tag this high capacity Lumsing charger weighs in at 8.35 ounces and houses a whopping 10,400mAh battery. It looks slick, it handles nicely and it will recharge your device in double time without expending too much energy much like its inferior equivalents would do so, and would do so with most smartphones that Mobile Phones Direct have to offer. With its power and price aside it comes complete with a Micro USB 5V and 2 USB ports and is available in white, black and gold.


Containing 9,900mAH of power the Hue Plus can aid dual device charging and comes with a cool LCD screen readout which lets you know just exactly how much charge is remaining on this portable accessory. It weighs 9 ounces, which is a little heavier that some of its rivals, but it does come in a selection of various colours that includes lime green, blue, pink, silver and gold and its neat round edged design measures 7.5mm in thickness.

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