Thief Review

Thief is a reboot of the PC series with the same title, fans of the original Thief game that have been anticipating the release of the reboot will not be too disappointed by Square Enix take on the classic. You get to play as Garrett, a master thief who can’t remember anything that happened the past year because he has amnesia as a result of a job that went wrong. The first half of the game is a little slow because you are still getting used to the game, but after that it really picks up.

Thief is one of the few games stealth games that you are actually better off moving around in the shadows instead of trying to take on the guards in the game, because Garrett isn’t much of a fighter, so don’t expect to win too many fights especially if you are outnumbered. You might stand a chance in a fight if you have a weapon you can use.

Moving around is kind of a hassle because the city is very big and the game loads frequently when you are moving from one area of the city to another, the loading time isn’t long, but it makes you feel like you are playing a game on the old Playstation, instead of a next gen console.

The side missions are fun to do, you get to determine how you want to enter or exit a building, and you get rated on which approach you took, and how many times the guards spotted you on the mission. You can do the missions again trying different approaches.

If the game feels too easy or you are having difficulties completing missions, you can adjust the difficulty level at anytime during the game to whatever your preference is.

Thief has a few flaws like most games, but the positives outweigh the negatives. It is a very entertaining game to play especially if you are into stealth games.

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