Is It Time to Modernize Your Time Tracking Solution?

As time passes, we should to take a closer look at our business to discover changes that need to be made. One area that often needs improvement is upgrading our time tracking capabilities.

Technology is advancing all the time. The time and attendance solutions that were available when you first went into business are likely considered dinosaurs and relics of the past. And not only were they barely functional, in most cases these tedious time tracking solutions were really expensive too!

How can you discover the right moment to find new time tracking programs? Pay attention to the following wisdom to find out if it’s time for your business to upgrade to a better option.

Evaluate Your Current Time Tracking Solution and Compare It to the Latest Options

If modernizing your time tracking capabilities is something that you believe should be upgraded, it’s time to look at your current solution and compare it to today’s newest options.

When looking at your current system, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do your employees use a time clock to punch in and out?
  • Can your employees clock in or clock out via a mobile device?
  • Do your employees have to physically be in the office to access your time tracker?
  • Is your company using handwritten, printed, or timesheets on line?

Now really think about your answers to all of the questions above. If your staff must be in the office to clock in and clock out then you are seriously missing the boat when it comes to the best time tracking options available today. And if your employees do not have the ability to punch in via a mobile device, then your current solution is far from the best.

Is Employee Work Time Being Tracked Accurately?

Another huge advantage to the newest time tracking solutions is they make tracking employee work time easier and more convenient than ever.

In the past, when using outdated solutions; it was often difficult to accurately track employee progress. When employees aren’t accurately recording their time, it’s nearly impossible to bill your clients correctly. This will cost your company countless billable hours and thousands of dollars each month in uncollected fees.

On the other hand, it’s possible that your employees are overestimating the amount of time they spend working on a particular job for a client. In this case, you are unintentionally ripping off your clients and overcharging them for work hours that weren’t even dedicated to their projects. This is just as bad as undercharging your clients, if not worse.

At the end of the day, getting your time tracking solution in order should be a top priority.

Can You Run Extensive Reports with Your Current Time Tracking Abilities?

Last but not least, the latest and greatest time tracking options provide detailed labor time reports. These reports are vital to your business and they give you the ability to see all of the important data about your business in one place. There’s no longer a need for printed time cards and outdated timesheets.


All in all, you have to decide if you are content with your current time tracking capabilities. If not, it’s time to seriously consider upgrading to a better, more advanced solution.

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