Tips for increasing your Website’s Organic Page Ranking

While your product branding may be innovative and effective, you will still need to make sure that you are ranking on the first page of Google when people search for the kinds of products or services you sell. There are lots of different things that you will need to do when it comes to improving your website’s organic page ranking so that people will actually be able to find it when they use Google and other major search engines. In the end you will certainly be glad you took the time to do these things.

Check your site’s current ranking

The very first thing that you will need to do is to check your website’s current search ranking, just so you can see exactly where it is. When take the time to get this information, you will be able to see where you need improvement so you can make the necessary changes. You can use the SERPS website to check where your site pages rank for certain keywords as well. Once you have acquired this information, you will be able to view your page’s search ranking on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. When you store this information, you will be able to fully understand what you have to do to improve your site’s organic search ranking in a meaningful way.

Come up with a list of keywords

Next you will want to come up with a list of specific keywords that are relevant to your site. If you target the right keywords for each page of your site, you should find that you’ll be able to start increasing traffic to your site in a very significant way. Make sure that you use a combination of broad and exact long tail keywords that are specific to whatever you happen to be selling. You should consider which keywords will drive conversations and generate content for ranking and traffic optimization.

Optimizing Pages for Personas

A lot of people tend to optimize the various pages on their websites with search engines in mind first and foremost, which is usually a big mistake. You want to make sure that your pages are optimized for the overall personas of your target audience and not some search engine. While it is true that you will need to keep search engines in mind when going about optimizing your website, you will also need to make sure they appeal to the actual people who will be visiting them. If your website isn’t optimized for your buyers, chances are it won’t be very successful at all.

Quality Content is the Key

You of course need to make sure that you have top quality content on your website throughout all of the different pages. This content should feature strong and relevant keywords as well, because otherwise it is basically worthless. Content is definitely one of the things that most people tend to under think, which is never a good thing. The content on your website will play an extremely important role in determine just how many people come back to it on a regular basis.

Cornerstone Pages

It is very likely that your website has numerous pages that are all based around the same subject or keyword. When you make a single cornerstone page that consists of relevant content from your site’s other pages, you will create authoritative resources for search engine bots. Creating innovative cornerstone content will help you with building brand awareness, which is incredibly important for obvious reasons. If you really want your business/website to be successful, you will definitely want to keep this in mind.

Optimize your page titles

Make sure that you are optimizing the page titles of your website so they are search engine-friendly. This is something that not everyone does, but it is absolutely crucial. Take the time to come up with short, catchy and relevant titles for each and every single page. The more time you take to do this, the better your chances will be of getting people to visit your site. You want to make sure that your page titles are attractive and tell people exactly what they are getting themselves into from the start.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to getting your website noticed on the internet, you will definitely need to make sure that you optimize all of your pages so search engines see them. If you want your business to become as successful as possible, you will certainly need to improve your internet presence. This means doing everything from improving the quality of the content on your site to finding a new web host. If you are not currently satisfied with the host you have now because they are unreliable or some other issue, it’s important that you switch to a better one right away.


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