Top 3 Games To Have Around The House

Time spent together as a family is when strong bonds are built that last a lifetime. When a family shares fun and laughter during play, memories that will last for years are created and connections are forged between the generations. However, in recent years, the rise of online gaming seems to have eroded quality time spent together as a family. For those with younger children, traditional games such as hide-and-seek and board games are an excellent way to spend time playing together. With older kids and teenagers, it can be difficult to lure them away from their screens. A regular games night with family and friends is a relaxing and fun way to reconnect with your kids. If you have the space, a dedicated family games room where you can leave equipment set up makes playing together easier and even more enjoyable we recommend Home Leisure Direct as a good source.


Setting up a pool table is a great way to encourage teenagers to hang out at home with family and friends. Playing pool is stimulating for both mind and body. It encourages creativity and strategic thinking, and playing in a team or group improves social skills. When you are concentrating on a game of pool, you forget about all the stresses and anxieties that you may be experiencing in other areas of their life; you live purely in the moment and experience a state that psychologists describe as flow.

Pin Ball

The classic arcade pinball machine has a strong appeal for a generation raised on online gaming. People who are accustomed to playing video games will already have the necessary quick reactions and other skills required to become pinball wizards. Pinball can be addictive and the physical excitement of old-school gaming makes people more sociable and extrovert. The family can gather around the pinball machine and compete for the highest score; multi-player modes allow tournaments for teams of two or more. From an aesthetic point of view, a vintage-style pinball machine will give a funky, retro look to your games room.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is an increasingly popular game for all ages from 5 to 85. It has a tradition of bringing people together and has long been a popular game in youth and other social clubs. Anyone can pick up a bat and just play, as it is easy and quick to learn; however, the game takes skill and practice to master. It improves hand-eye coordination, so is an excellent sport for young people, while older players can improve their tactics and style. Table tennis can be fun and relaxing when played recreationally but, for those of a more competitive nature, the game requires quick reactions, subtle tactics and exciting bursts of explosive power.

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