Top Translation Apps for Your Next Overseas Adventure

Do you worry about language skills when you’re overseas? Fret no more. Break the language barrier on your next overseas adventure; with a translation app you get don’t have to get stuck in a tongue twister.

You can always get by with the basic key phrases, but translation apps can turn your adventure into something spectacular by giving you access to the language. Here are the top translation apps to add to your smartphone for your next overseas holiday.


iTranslate Voice supports translation and dictionary services for 42 languages. As you would speak to Siri, just say the word or sentence you’d like to translate and iTranslate will say it back in the language you want. iTranslate is another translation from the same developer but supports 80 languages and has the added benefits of text prediction and character input for Chinese, Japanese and Latin languages. iTranslate is a free app from iTunes, check prices for adding voice recognition.


iVoice translates over 30 languages and works as a two-sided app; for example, you speak your native language, say English, and the app will translate it back to you in the target language, for example Spanish and vice versa. This app has the look and feel of a real life conversation.

Supporting 80 languages, Google Translate lets you type or speak your language query. An added feature of Google Translate is the ability to save favourite phrases making it easier for you to remember or tap on your phone. By far, Google Translate, is the best choice for Android smartphones because of its conversation mode and capability of downloading offline language packs – handy when you’re not near a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Translate me

Translate me is a free android app that can translate text into 60 languages. It translates from speaking and can translate any text file. Translate can also support SMS as a source translation. Like iVoice, Translate me can swap languages.

Navita Translator

Blackberry users should look into Navita Translator; it translates over 60 languages whether you speak or type your phrase or words. The translation is also spoken or in text. This app runs on earlier platforms of the Blackberry and is a great functional app.

World Lens Translator

Available only on Android now, World Lens Translator translates images into texts— great for reading directions and not getting lost on the road. The app translates images into text also by pointing the camera onto the image and it translates it into text. Other benefits of this app: no network is required, and results pop up on your screen when you need it. Downside of the app is that it doesn’t recognise handwriting, but do ensure that the text on the image is clear.


Verbalizeit is a great app for having those technical and business conversations. The app turns your phone into a translator in your pocket; select the language pair you need help with, tap or click depending on phone on Translate and you’ll be instantly connected with one of the many Verbalizeit translators who communicate on your behalf.

Don’t lose yourself in translation on your next overseas adventure; check out the handy destination guides available at FCM Travel through this URL , and download one of these apps to help you chat to the locals.

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