Turning your bedroom into a video gaming haven

Although some types of gaming can be classed as family activity, in most cases if you are an ardent gamer you may prefer to retreat to a private space to enjoy your favorite games. In fact, you might find that the simplest solution is to design a bedroom that makes allowance for sleep, working or studying, and gaming activities. Here are a few tips on what works best:


While, of course, all bedrooms should be comfortable, rethinking the type of furniture that suits gamers can be an eye-opener. A futon or couch, for example, offers more support than is afforded by having to lounge around on a bed – and also separates your sleeping area from the space where you play games. This can be important both psychologically and physiologically when it comes to ensuring that as a keen gamer you also get a good night’s sleep.


A television, monitor or screen used for gaming needs to be at the correct height and of sufficient size to make it possible for you to see clearly and react speedily. Generally, the larger the screen the better the gaming experience, and if the furniture that houses your screen is adjustable in terms of height and angle, this is a real plus when friends come over to participate in a gaming night. Adjustable furniture doesn’t have to be expensive so seek out budget options that maximize the space available.

Light control

Glare from screens can be a major problem whether you are gaming for a short time or involved in the equivalent of a marathon. Controlling the quality and source of lighting in a gaming-friendly bedroom is therefore very important. While independent light sources can be useful, the ability to control natural daylight is a major plus in terms of the quality of light in a gaming environment. You can achieve greater control by using shutters as window treatments, for example, in preference to drapes or blinds.


Despite the advent of wireless alternatives, gaming technology is still steeped in cables and cords and anything that helps organize these can only be beneficial. However, if you’re able to go completely wireless then the specialist Gaming Router or equivalent is the way to go. If you program the router be sure to keep quiet about its ability to prioritize devices for broadband, however, or you may get in trouble for ensuring that your gaming computer takes precedence over other connected household devices.


Regulating power is one of the most important aspects of controlling home gaming experiences. Therefore, it’s worth investing in one of the many protective devices that will prevent power surges from disrupting your systems and your games. Research what is available and follow through with the option that best suits your needs and your budget.


Now, as a final suggestion, you might want to make sure that your carefully designed gaming bedroom contains a large wall clock. This is because a gaming system can take over an entire screen, masking the system clock, and it wouldn’t be good if a keen gamer lost track of time for too long, would it?

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