Twitter User Growth Is Declining

Twitter has been in the news lately because four executives left the company at the end of January and the company introduced a new algorithmic timeline that has been controversial.

At the beginning of February, Twitter announced their fiscal earnings in the fourth quarter of 2015.

According to the earnings report, the company reported revenues of $710 million and a $90 million net loss. Compared to last year’s fourth quarter earnings report, Twitter’s had a 90 percent increase in revenue and a 27 percent decrease in net losses. Twitter also announced that it saw a 90 percent increase in advertisers in the final quarter of 2015 compared to the previous year.

Twitter’s fourth quarter earnings reports exceeded Wall Street expectations, which would normally be considered good news. Unfortunately, while the company’s financials increased, its active user base did not.

According to reports, Twitter had 320 million active users in the fourth quarter of 2015, which was the same number the company had in the previous quarter.

If you exclude users that access the SMS version of Twitter, the number of active users actually declined. In a letter to investors, the company addressed the issue of the declining number of active Twitter users.

In the letter, the company resented its main goals to investors. The company outlined its five priorities for 2016, which it hopes will help bring more active users back to the social media platform.

Twitter CFO Anthony Noto put a spin on the declining number of active users. While admitting that the company lost a lot of active users in the final quarter of 2015, Noto said that metrics like engagement time, direct messages, and retweets rose significantly in 2015.

Despite the decline in active users, Twitter remains dedicated to becoming the world’s largest social media network. Top executives at the company said that they are focused on improving what the social media platform does best, which is live commentary, live connections, and live conversation.

The executives believe that Twitter has been the best and fastest way to hear or watch a live event unfold, and they are working on ways to improve the platform and make Twitter the world’s largest connected audience.

According to analysts, trying to become the world’s largest audience is a tall order that might be hard to achieve. They believe that working on Twitter’s speed and making it more important in terms of live conversation is what the company needs to focus its attention on because it is the smarter approach and would take less time to do.

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