What To Look For In Digital Signage Providers In 2015

Attracting customers, dazzling visitors, and improving the prestige and professionalism of your business have never been easier thanks to the latest in digital signage solutions. Today’s digital signs give business owners a wide range of choices and make the process of embracing this exciting medium more affordable, feasible, and user-friendly than ever before.

The most recognizable and well-known digital signs are the enormous electric billboards of major city centres, like Times Square in New York. These signs are powered by bright LED screens to allow for outdoor use, but flat panel LCD screens can be used for indoor purposes as well. Digital signs can be deployed anywhere you want to showcase your business, services, or products. Restaurants use digital boards to bring their menus to beautiful living colour. Corporate lobbies and shopping malls erect digital information boards to help direct visitors while also reminding them of their core services. Amusement parks, theatres, university campuses, public parks, hospitals, train stations, airports — the list of possible locations is practically endless.

Energy consumption is a logical and practical concern. But even if your particular signs run in near-constant rotation, you can rest easy knowing that digital solutions from the best providers are all Energy Star certified, as well as RoHS compliant. An additional cost saving (and eco-friendly) perk is that employing digital signage means eliminating paper-based billboards, flyers, menus, and more. Part of the magic of digital signs is their shutdown can be pre-programmed, so when your sales floor closes for the day, you don’t have to have employees turn them off.

In fact, digital signage displays often use media distribution systems that can be controlled from a personal computer, using management software that takes advantage of cloud-based storage and ease of access. This means they can be updated at any time with the click of a button, allowing you to showcase new advertisements, program up-to-date tickertape bulletins, issue weather or other warnings, and so much more without a lengthy take-down and reprograming session. Entire seasons can be pre-programmed months in advance, and improvising and last-minute changes are easy. Aside from the deployment and energy savings mentioned above, this also removes the need to employ specialized IT experts to help you modify templates or continuously update your feeds.

Embedded touch screens, image capture devices, and movement detection are some of the latest features to help you or your marketing rep record and interpret how the public is responding to your range of signs. The response gained by these interactive alternatives to advertisement, shows how digital signs willeventually become dominant over other forms of traditional (static) signage.

When choosing a company to set up your digital signage, look for one that can offer you the kind of support you need (usually this means 24/7 assistance). Technical guidance is essential, after all, so visit Toshiba.ca/displaysolutions/ for more info. Companies like Toshiba can help you design templates, and can also provide multi-year licenses, a professional installation (if you’re erecting them on walls, for example), and multi-year exchange warranties should a product prove temperamental. That’s the service standard you should expect from any company providing high-tech business solutions, but it’s always been Toshiba’s priority to ensure complete satisfaction.

If you want to reach a wider audience, or become more effective at reaching the audience you’ve already courted, then the route is clear: invest in exciting new digital signage solutions from a great company!

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