Why We’ll Still Be Using Printers 20 Years From Now

There’s no doubt that electronic documents are here to stay. They’re easy to share and store. Even so, don’t plan on tossing our your printer any time soon. These devices still serve a number of purposes and will continue to do so. Here are a few of the reasons why your printer is still a valuable asset.

Hard Copies Can Be Used When a Power Source is Unavailable

The main power supply is out and your device is rapidly running out of battery power. While you have your electronic documents neatly organized in folders or in cloud storage, that won’t help when you can’t get to them. How will you keep working?

When you have printed copies of the key documents needed to work on your proposal or to do the taxes, it’s okay if the power is out and the battery on your device is low. Do the work on paper for now. Once the power is back on, you can input all the data and store your work.

Some Events Require Printed Matter

How many times have you been in a house of worship and told to access the order of service via your tablet? That’s a highly unlikely scenario. The more plausible approach is that you will be handed a printed copy of the service outline when you walk into the building.

The same is true for trade shows and many types of business meetings. Documents are printed and bundled for use by the attendees. Doing so ensures everyone has the chance to read the documents even if they use different types of software on their devices.

Printed Documents and Legalities

In some areas of the world, electronic documents are not in common use for business contracts. The approach is usually for the parties involved to sign hard copies of the contracts and then possibly scan them for storage as electronic documents. The hard copies can be kept in a secure place with other important documents while the electronic versions are used for reference. In other words, you will still need a printer to create hard copies that both parties can manually sign.

Printed Matter and Your Marketing Effort

Even with email marketing being such a smart and cost-effective way to market a business or publicize an upcoming community event, direct mail marketing is still a great idea. You can use your Konica Minolta to churn out flyers or brochures that fit neatly into envelopes and mail them to everyone on your qualified mailing list. If you are going for a local audience, those printed flyers are ideal for passing out at everything from municipal business expositions to sporting events.

Instead of viewing printed matter as being replaced by electronic documents, see both forms as going hand in hand. Between the two, you are covered in just about any situation. Since many of the ongoing uses of printed documents are unlikely to disappear any time soon, keep your printer up to date and functional. Rest assured that events will happen daily or at least weekly when you need that printer to supply you with paper documents as quickly as possible.

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